Why we need your help

we really first want to thank you for being a donor or coming this far along the way to becoming one.

the coronavirus situation really got us to thinking about how best we could build support for our charity while involving and bringing the best to our donors at the same time. we want to be more interactive and engaged with you, with the hope that you will be inspired and proud of what you help us achieve, and can enjoy the journey as it unfolds.

沙巴体育this period of home isolation is very similar to what many of our students were forced to endure as their normal daily lives before the kianh foundation came into being. the difference, of course, is they don’t have the functional access to technology and their disabilities are never going to go away. if there is a benefit – to this pandemic – i think many of us have realised the upmost importance that human contact and community play in our mental well being and life satisfaction, we need more of a connection with the things and institutions we choose to make part of our lives.

our need for socialisation, connection and inclusion has created all kinds of ingenious ways to interact, from zoom bingo, to google hangout friday nights (with a tipple or two). children and teachers are working together in virtual classrooms and colleages are embracing technology to collaborate and innovate, not to mention just have a chinwag! our

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