I. General principles

auscham vn is designed and operated by australian chamber of commerce, vietnam (auscham) to represent and promote the interests of australian businesses operating in vietnam. we actively co-ordinate a regular program of high profile business seminars, networking and social functions as well as a number of charity events. events, business seminars hosted by auscham have to comply with the relevant laws, and cannot be in the case of trading or advertising prohibition prescribed in the laws.

the contents of this regulation shall comply with the current legislation of vietnam. users participating in transactions on auscham vn shall learn their legal responsibility pursuant to the laws of vietnam and commit to comply with the contents of the regulations of auscham vn.

II. General regulation


The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AusCham)沙巴体育 is an independent, not for profit, Membership-based NGO (non government organisation). It does not receive any funding from the Australian Government or any of its agencies. Its revenue is generated through Memberships, Sponsorships, Events and Media supporting fee. So all the price is not including VAT and couldn’t issue VAT invoice.

  • Users: Corporates, Organizations, Individuals would like to be Member or attend events hosted by AusCham. Users included Member or Non-Member
  • Users must register an initial declaration of relevant personal information verified and permitted by Administration department of AUSCHAM VN.
  • Members are able to create their own account for personal usage
  • The content of this Regulation shall comply with the effective provisions in the current legislation of Vietnam. Uers of AUSCHAM VN must be aware of their liabilities as provided for in the effective legislation of Vietnam and shall commit to exercise correctly all the provisions of this Regulation.

III.Transaction procedure

沙巴体育if you want to be member of auscham or attend events hosted by auscham, the user should follow these steps:

A. To be a Member:

沙巴体育Alumni (Non Voting)

alumni (non voting) – introduction fee

Charity (Non Voting)

VND 1,000,000
VND 500,000
VND1,500,000 VND1,500,000 VND500,000
(Each nominee from 4th )
Corporate Associate (Non Voting)

沙巴体育corporate non-resident (non voting)

Corporate Ordinary (Voting)

VND14,000,000 VND7,500,000 VND1,500,000
(Each nominee from 4th )
VND7,500,000 VND1,500,000
(Each nominee from 4th )
VND14,000,000 VND7,500,000 VND1,500,000
(Each nominee from 4th )
Individual Associate (Non Voting) VND5,800,000
Individual Non-resident (Non Voting)

沙巴体育individual ordinary (voting)

SME Associate (Non Voting)

VND10,000,000 VND5,000,000 VND1,500,000
(Each nominee from 3rd )
Alumni (Non Voting)

Alumni (Non Voting) – Introduction Fee

VND 1,000,000
VND 500,000
  • Choose the correct category and location that suits and then press “Register”

  • Choose payment method

  • Successfully upgraded

  • Check your email to give anyfurther information required

B. Register for events and/or business seminars:

  • Choose the Event or Seminar

  • Choose location and then press “Register”

  • Choose payment method

  • Successfully register

  • Check email to give further information if required

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